Evaporative cooling is a natural phenomenon . Like when the wind over the sea will cause water evaporation , so that the air drop , in order to be able to animal building , greenhouse artificial reproduction of the physical process . You must have a way to make the surface of the water vaporized , need to be able to make the surface wet water supply system , also need to allow air to pass through the surface and to control the means of the effective operation of the entire system .

Feng Shui cooling process wet curtain cooling system is completed within its core Feng Shui pad of paper . Corrugated fiber paper surface has a thin layer of water film , when the outdoor air is hot and dry suction blower through the pad of paper , water film on the water will absorb heat from the air and then evaporated into water vapor, so that after treatment after the cool, moist air to enter the interior of the . This natural process is like the wind over the water the same.

Wet curtain air can cool down the temperature depends on the wet and dry bulb temperatures and wet curtain at this time efficiency , cooling value is the product of both . Wet curtain cooling efficiency and stable operation is usually the same. It can be seen in the more hot weather , wet curtain cooling better. The heat from the greenhouse : heat conduction, heat radiation. Heat load generated heat conduction and thermal radiation depends on the weather conditions , greenhouse shade treatment. All of these heat causes the greenhouse temperature rise through the ventilation should be excluded , and therefore suitable for indoor ventilation is a good wet curtain - basic fan cooling system.