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Ten Reasons for Safe Purchase of Wet Curtain Cooler

The wet curtain air-conditioner produced by Jinrui Company has the following ten reasons to buy safely:

1. Low investment and high efficiency.

2. Low power consumption, only 1 degree per hour.

3. The cold air supply volume per hour reaches 18,000 cubic meters. The air pressure is high and the air supply is far away.

4. Fully automatic electronic control and automatic cleaning function.

5. Using forward swept curved blades of three-impeller airfoil, the noise is low and the efficiency is high.

6. The wet curtain with 100 mm thick multi-layer corrugated fibers and dimension superposition has strong cooling ability.

7. Ventilation, ventilation, dust control, deodorization and cooling are integrated.

8. Increase the oxygen content in the air and improve work efficiency.

9. Natural air supply or post air supply is optional, DC and frequency conversion are optional.

10. Humidity regulation: Humidity regulation can be carried out in some workplaces requiring increased humidity.