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Cooling System

Evaporation cooling is a natural phenomenon. Just as the wind will cause water to evaporate when it blows across the sea, so that the air will fall, in order to be able to reproduce this physical process artificially in livestock and poultry houses and greenhouses. You have to have a surface that can vaporize water, a water supply system that can wet the surface, and control means that allow air to pass through the surface and make the whole system work effectively.

The cooling process of Fengrui wet curtain cooling system is completed in its core Fengrui paper cushion. There is a thin water film on the surface of corrugated fibre paper. When the outdoor dry and hot air is sucked through the paper mat by the fan, the water on the water film will absorb the heat in the air and then evaporate into water vapor, so the treated cool and humid air will enter the room. This natural process is like the wind blowing over the water.

The cooling temperature of wet curtain depends on the dry-wet bulb temperature of air and the efficiency of wet curtain at this time. The cooling value is the product of the two. The cooling efficiency of the stable running wet curtain is usually constant. It can be seen that the hotter the weather, the better the cooling effect of the wet curtain. The heat source of greenhouse comes from heat conduction and radiation. The heat load generated by heat conduction and radiation depends on weather conditions and shading treatment of greenhouses. All the heat that causes the temperature rise in the greenhouse should be eliminated by ventilation. Therefore, an appropriate indoor ventilation rate is the basis of a good damp curtain - fan cooling system.